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Windows 8 Loader 2.7.4 Daz latrnaz




Then save the result as video loop. I've used this app quite a bit. The interface is a bit clunky for some things, like adding a soundtrack. But if you want to make videos out of specific clips, this is a solid app. ------ arikrak This is pretty neat, but I don't really like the random video that appears when you're paused. I find myself starting to dislike the app since I have to stop it and pause it before adding music, then resume. dazbradbury Nice work! How is this different to using YouTube? Is there any extra capability to make tweaked soundbites into video or to add music etc? ~~~ alexatkeplar Thank you! There are two parts to this: 1) You upload the video via Picasaweb. 2) We transcode the video and add the soundtrack to the video. You can edit the video using Picasaweb's video editing tools. You can upload/delete/edit the photos on your web page as well. golgo In case anyone wants to do the same for their iPhone: lotides Very cool app! Will definitely try it out. jonah So the demo is just a loop of a wii game? We want to keep the emphasis on the feature of bringing video and sound into the web. Our full plan is to extend the service to make the results video comparable to YouTube and other professional video services. .01




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Windows 8 Loader 2.7.4 Daz latrnaz

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